2023 NFL Rookie

2023 nfl rookie mock draft

2023 NFL Rookie Mock Draft

2023 NFL Rookie Mock Draft: Are you searching for an elite fantasy football player this year? Look no further than this 2023 NFL rookie mock draft. Everything is pre-combine, so make sure to get your copy today!

The Raiders have several holes to fill on their defensive side of the ball, and this round could be an ideal time to do so. Here, they address a need for a pass-rusher in Clemson’s Bryan Bresee.

1. C.J. Stroud

Stroud is a highly-touted quarterback on the rise who could see his name called in this year’s draft. A two-time Heisman finalist, Stroud has passed for 8,123 yards, 85 touchdowns and 12 interceptions during his two years at Ohio State.

Stroud, at 6-foot-3 and 214 pounds, possesses the size and arm strength to be an impressive NFL signal caller. His sub-4.8 time in the combine demonstrated his throwing accuracy as well as control.

He’s a physically gifted young man with an enthusiasm for football and an impressive work ethic. While not the flashiest option you might expect from a first round pick, his versatility makes him perfect for an offense that benefits from multiple receivers.

The Texans are in need of a new signal caller and Stroud could be their top pick. His impressive arm will allow him to motivate his teammates, potentially developing him into an impressive dynasty prospect.

2. Will Anderson

Will Anderson is an ideal cornerstone pass rusher with familiar defensive presence that could be the perfect fit for the Chicago Bears. After trading Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith this offseason, the Bears are in need of edge playmakers; Anderson gives me Khalil Mack vibes.

He has the potential to be an elite pass rusher and all-around playmaker, making him the top edge prospect in this draft class. With such a potential steal at this pick for the Bears after trading back from the top of the first round, they could make an excellent choice with this selection.

Admittedly, taking a running back in the first round can be risky, but Robinson offers plenty of potential and is an exciting addition to Buffalo’s offense. His agility, quickness and vision will provide depth at running back while giving Josh Allen some assistance.

3. Bryce Young

Bryce Young is a quarterback who could easily be the top pick in this draft. Despite some concerns about his size, he has consistently displayed exceptional poise and arm talent during his college career.

He can make throws like Drew Brees and could become an elite fantasy passer if his development continues. Additionally, his scheming abilities are unsurpassed and he has demonstrated great ability to capitalize on defensive weaknesses or play-calling errors. His potential fantasy passer status should increase significantly in the coming years.

Young is an ideal pick for the Indianapolis Colts, who need a reliable signal caller to guide their offense and help Shane Steichen build this unit into a contender. If Young stays healthy, his potential is immense.

4. Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is an impressive college football star and one of the top receivers in the 2023 nfl rookie draft class. As a key component of Ohio State Buckeyes’ offense last season, Smith-Njigba set school records with 95 receptions for 1,606 receiving yards in 2021.

He was also considered an AP Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate, surpassing David Boston’s 1998 record with 95 catches and 1,606 receiving yards. Smith-Njigba led all Buckeye receivers in receptions and receiving yards despite competing against first-round picks Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave for catches.

Smith-Njigba is an impressive route runner with the ability to adjust his plans when plays don’t go as planned. He’s a versatile player who can contribute on either the outside or in the slot, depending on their team’s needs.

5. Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan has been an integral part of the Titans’ success over the past couple of seasons, but now that Nate Davis will be leaving free agency, they need a new tackle for their offensive line.

By releasing Lewan, the Titans can free up $13 million in cap space to add another young tackle with potential to be a starter. Tennessee needs an athletic, championship-caliber player who can play either tackle position as they rebuild their offensive line.

He possesses the athleticism, strength and physicality to thrive in Mike Vrabel’s offense. With plenty of potential, he could be an exciting addition to any lineup.

6. Paris Johnson

Johnson stands at 6’6′ and 310 pounds, giving him NFL scouts plenty to drool over. His athleticism will definitely help him get off to a fast start in the league.

Ohio State offensive tackle Aaron Hernandez has displayed impressive burst off the snap, both vertically and laterally, along with impressive agility for his size. He’s an excellent run blocker but needs to develop more in pass protection as well.

He’s an ideal addition to the Titans’ offensive line as they prepare to release Taylor Lewan, and his experience in both pass blocking and run blocking will be invaluable for them going forward. He was a top pick in this mock draft, and his success with Ohio State will put him on the fast track towards a long NFL career.

7. Jaxon Witherspoon

Devon Witherspoon is an agile and twitchy player with dynamic separation ability and superb ball skills that the Pittsburgh Steelers could use to upgrade their CB room. He’s tough enough to make plays both in coverage and the red zone.

He also has the potential to make plays in the short area, which is something the Steelers desperately need more of. At such a great value and one of the top cornerback prospects in this draft class, it would be hard to pass up on him if he is available at the top.

He’s a prototypical starter with the size, strength and athleticism to succeed at his position in the NFL. His versatility allows him to play both downhill and in space, and his instincts and footwork give him an early edge for success. Furthermore, he’s intelligent and disciplined as well.

8. Quentin Johnston

Johnston boasts the ideal combination of size, speed and deep ball skills in this draft class. Furthermore, his potential makes him a must-own in dynasty leagues.

Johnston is a huge, strong man with surprising speed for his size. His run blocking abilities are impressive and his dynamic receiving skills allow him to create large catch radiuses. Johnston could be an NFL red zone threat and mismatch at all levels. His length helps make him difficult to block runs and creates mismatches on the catch end as well.

At TCU, Johnston does not always stack corners on nines; however, his hands and ability to run with his hips show promise. Although he needs to develop more nuanced routes at the next level, Johnston already possesses the raw talent that could make him a top receiver in an offensive system.

9. C.J. Van Ness

The New York Jets currently hold their first-round pick, but it could change hands. In this run-through, they move up a few spots to grab Iowa edge rusher Lukas Van Ness, who could develop into an impact player on defense for the team.

This selection may come as a bit of a shock, but this team has built for the long haul and so it makes sense to invest in an ascending talent now.

Robinson is one of the top floor running backs in this class and could be a game-changer at the next level with his speed, athleticism and versatility. While his elusiveness and playmaking ability need improvement, Robinson will be an excellent fit for this team’s scheme.

10. Luke Skoronski

Rashawn Slater elected to forgo his 2021 season, leaving Skoronski as one of college football’s premier blockers. He helped pave the way for Evan Hull’s 1,000-yard season on the ground and allowed only 11 pressures in 410 pass block snaps last year.

He is an impressive technician with superior processing and textbook footwork in the trenches. Additionally, he’s strong and could potentially become a starter in the NFL.

The Titans need an offensive line overhaul and Skoronski could provide a commanding presence up front. His lack of length leaves him vulnerable to long-armed power rushers at the point of attack, but he possesses all of the necessary tools to succeed. https://www.youtube.com/embed/cFRx6J8BnKM

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